Lincoln Elementary

Elementary and Montessori School

Inclement Weather

Weather Delay Schedule

Lincoln Elementary is an identified school to be on a Weather Delay Schedule, if the district calls for a weather delay due to inclement weather. The purpose of the Weather Delay Schedule is to provide school buses additional time to pick up students and reduce student wait time in severe weather. The decision to close or delay school will be made by the superintendent based on information provided by representatives from DPS Transportation Services, transportation agencies and the weather bureau.


If DPS schools are on a Weather Delay Schedule (start time is at 8:30 a.m. or later):

  • Morning school buses will run on a delayed schedule and begin pick-ups at bus stops one hour later than the normal pick-up time. (Example: If your morning school bus pick-up time is 7:55 a.m., your bus will pick up at 8:55 a.m.)
  • Students walking, biking, carpooling or taking RTD are encouraged to leave home one hour later than they would normally leave for school. (Example: If students leave home at 7:45 a.m. for school, he/she would now depart at 8:45 a.m. to arrive to school on time)
  • ECE and kindergarten: Morning (AM) kindergarten will not be canceled. They will run in accordance with the delay. Afternoon (PM) preschool students will attend school and have bus service on their normal schedule.
  • Breakfast will still be served to students as they arrive to school.


What this means for students at Lincoln:

Staff are still expected to report for work at normal time, even if there is a weather delay. Because we have only have a small number of students who rely on the school bus to come to school, all students may come to school at the regular start time. However, no students will be marked tardy until after 10:00 am.


If DPS schools remain open during severe weather:

  • The district will monitor the weather throughout the day to ensure student safety.
  • The required transportation will be provided. However, services may be modified to ensure bus driver and student safety.
  • Traffic conditions may require students to spend additional time in route to school, special activities, programs or at home.
  • If severe weather begins during the school day, a decision may be made regarding early dismissal.
  • Bus routes will run in the same order as normally followed in the afternoon. Depending on conditions, arrival times at home may vary.
  • After-school activities (athletic events, enrichment programs, etc.) may be modified or canceled as a result of the weather conditions.


If DPS schools are closed due to severe weather:

  • Transportation will not run any buses.
  • All after-school activities, which include middle and high school sports, are canceled and transportation will not be provided for these activities.
  • Please make the necessary plans for the care of your student in the event that school is canceled.


How you will be informed:

In the event of inclement weather, district officials will make the decision by 5 a.m. If the decision is made to close or delay school, local television and radio stations will be notified immediately and broadcast regular announcements of school closures or delays. You can also visit,, and Notifications in Spanish will be made on radio newscasts on 1150-AM, 1280-AM and 1090-AM.


Bus Bulletin – In the event that a Weather Delay or School Closure is called, families of transportation-eligible students will receive a Bus Bulletin notification. Families of transportation-eligible students are automatically enrolled to receive notifications. For more information visit Email with any questions. – Emergency School Closures or Weather Delays will be posted here and on


Social Media – Announcements to close or delay school will also be posted to, as well as @DPSnewsnow and @DPSschoolbus on Twitter.


Hotlines – A message announcing the closure or late start will also be left on the school district’s closure hotline at 720-423-3200, as well as on the DPS Transportation hotline at 720-423-4600.