Why Support Lincoln

Like all schools, Lincoln depends on voluntary support to meet operating costs and provide resources to its students. Members of the Lincoln community make generous financial contributions and volunteer many hours to ensure a quality education for current students and those who follow in their footsteps. We encourage each member of our community to consider giving to support the continued legacy of our school. When we all pitch in, the extraordinary is possible. 

At Lincoln, there are many ways to contribute to the school and community: we invite you to review these pages and find ways to join us. 


Financial Contributions, which are tax deductible, bridge the gap between the funding provided by Denver Public Schools and what it actually costs to equip each of our students with the best learning environment possible.  Your generosity will provide our students with the support they need to thrive in the form of enhanced paraprofessional support, weekly sessions in the innovation lab, field trips, teacher grants and community events.

Why should we donate to public schools when we pay taxes that support our schools?

The taxes you pay are distributed by Denver Public Schools, with each school receiving a baseline, per-pupil allocation. Additional funding is added, based on a number of factors, including the number of students at the school who qualify for Free or Reduced Lunch, English language learners and Title I.  This funding model is designed to allocate resources equitably amongst schools. Our population is about 20% and does not qualify for Title 1. Our historic building has a small capacity, yet our school has a similar operational overhead as those with double the student population.

We fundraise for Lincoln because our school’s per-pupil allocation is just enough to keep the lights on and the copy machine working. ALL SCHOOLS in the US, whether public or private, rely on donations to provide high quality education. Without our community’s support and generosity, our school would be a very different place.


Volunteering time and skills is another valuable way to support our school. Lincoln volunteers provide a rich array of programming and events for our community – we encourage every Lincoln family to find a way to contribute.