School Values

Our school values guide not only the educational experiences of our students but the way in which they engage in their community. These values are part of a Lincoln education, which extends beyond the walls of our school and lasts a lifetime.

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Respect We show respect for others,
ourselves, and the environment. 

Caring We show kindness and support
for self, our environment, and others.

Inclusiveness We intentionally build relationships
and include others who may be of a different race,
culture, ability, gender, or identity than ourselves. 

Responsibility We think before we act, make good
choices, and take accountability for our behaviors. 

Integrity We do the right thing as individuals
and as a group, even when no one is watching.
We empower others to do the same. 

Courage We are risk takers.

“The community at Lincoln was one of the most amazing things to experience. It was very tight knit, and I think that a general sense of belonging was felt.
It was a special place.”

Jake J., 9th grade Lincoln alumnus