Health Resources

4th Grade in the library

The health and well-being of our students is the top priority of Lincoln educators and staff. For further information on our Health Resources, please see the Parent Handbook.

COVID Policies

Lincoln follows the comprehensive COVID guidance developed by DPS and local public health officials. Detailed information can be found here.

COVID Decision Tree

Illness Policy

Regular attendance is vitally important for success in school. However, children who are ill cannot learn. Therefore, children who are sick must be kept at home. Please listen to your children in the morning before they leave home. If they are complaining of upset stomachs, sore throats, rashes or have cold symptoms such as runny noses, coughing or fever, do not send them to school. The school nurse does not diagnose and cannot be seen in lieu of your child’s physician.

How sick is too sick to come to school?


When your child’s physician prescribes medication (prescription or over the counter) that must be taken at school, a DPS Medical Release Form must be completed by your child’s physician. A DPS Medical Release Form is available in the office and must be completed by your physician before we can administer the medication. The medicine must be in the original prescription bottle and must have the original prescription label. Parents must bring the medicine (prescription or over the counter) and completed DPS Medical Release Form to the office immediately upon arrival at school. Students may not keep any type of medication with them during the day. All medications and inhalers must be picked up at the end of the year by a parent.

Asthma Care Plan – for students using Albuterol. 

Anaphylaxis Care Plan/Medication Order – for students with severe allergies requiring Benadryl & Epinephrine

General Medication Order – for prescription or over-the-counter medications Gen Med Order in Spanish

Seizure Action Plan – for students with a diagnosed seizure condition

School Nurse

Lincoln has a wonderful nurse and health tech team who are available 5 days a week to students for basic health services, the administration of medications and basic First Aid. Lincoln does not have a full time nurse or health clinic that is able to diagnose prescribe medications. If your child has a serious health complaint, consult with your clinic or private physician for treatment.

If your child has special medical needs please ask your physician to provide instructions to the school. This will enable our staff to make any arrangements necessary for your child’s safety. If parents wish a student to be excused from the gym or to be kept inside during playground activity, the child must have a note from the family physician. This will be cleared through the school nurse.

Diary of a School Nurse – What really happens in the nurse’s office!

School Psychologist

Lincoln’s Psychologist is at school five days a week to support the social and emotional well-being of students. With a comprehensive toolkit, services may include small group and/or whole class instruction, crisis intervention and support, anti-bullying, attendance support, restorative justice/mediation, and special educational supports and assessment. Through consultation with teachers and families, our school psychologist supports children’s behavioral and academic success inside and outside the classroom.

Role of the School Psychologist at Lincoln

Occupational and Physical Therapist

Occupational and Physical Therapists are assigned to Lincoln on an as-needed basis and work with students identified as having poor fine motor and/or gross motor skills. These students must also have an IEP. Students are recommended for services through referrals from the Special Education and/or MTSS (Multi-Tiered Systems of Support) team.

Speech/Language Therapist

The Speech Therapist is at Lincoln 1.5 days a week and works regularly with children identified as needing assistance in speech and/or language development. These students also have an Individual Education Plan. The speech therapist also works closely with the Special Education teacher and provides services to students who are working on language skills. Referral is made through the classroom teacher to the MTSS team or by parent request (in writing).

Staff Trainings 

Our staff is trained in Trauma Informed Practices to support students who may be in crisis


Safe2Tell is a state-funded resource to ANONYMOUSLY report safety concerns of youth and adults including: suicide concerns, excessive bullying, depression, threats, stealing, abuse, violence, and more.

The goal of Safe2Tell is to provide students and adults with an increased ability to both prevent and report violence and other concerning behaviors in a way that keeps them safe. The Safe2Tell model works to break bystander silence by educating, empowering, equipping and engaging our community to be part of prevention and solutions.

Tips and reports can be made through the following:

Safe2Tell is monitored by trained dispatchers who make and investigate reports, and design intervention strategies. For more information, please visit