Inclement Weather

Two students posing wearing orange vests

DPS is committed to informing families about school closures or delays as early as possible – with the goal to make the call by 5 a.m.

The decision to delay or close school will be made by the superintendent. That decision is based on expected accumulation of snow, the size of the storm and its duration.

The superintendent, transportation director and other district officials assess local & national weather projections and an independent weather service. Leaders also confer with City of Denver plowing schedules, CDOT and neighboring school districts before making the call.

When inclement weather reaches the metro area, members of the DPS Department of Safety and Facility Management teams visit sites checking on the impact of the weather in and around our schools. That information is shared with DPS leadership and is used in the decision-making process.

If DPS schools are on a Weather Delay Schedule:

What this means for students at Lincoln:

Students and staff should not report to work until two hours after their regular starting time. School will not start until 10:50am when there is a weather delay. If you are unable to arrange for childcare when school is running on a delayed schedule, please contact Ms. Emily,

If DPS schools remain open during severe weather:

If DPS schools are closed due to severe weather:

If school buildings need to be closed for more than one day, the second snow day (and beyond) will be asynchronous learning days. More information will come from your child’s teacher on what to expect for asynchronous learning.

How you will be informed:

DPS announces closures or delays via the following communications tools: