Lincoln Elementary

Elementary and Montessori School

    Updated Plan for In-Person Learning- Lower Elementary and 3rd grade

    Posted 10/29/2020

    October 29, 2020

    Dear Lincoln Friends and Families-

    On Tuesday we announced our plan for in-person learning at Lincoln moving forward. Due to the rapidly changing health conditions in the community DPS has decided to make the challenging decision to adjust which students will be reporting to school for in-person learning, and who will be attending school remotely.

    Yesterday, the Lincoln School Leadership Team met to discuss keeping Montessori 3rd grade students as part of their lower elementary cohort for in-person learning. We decided to keep all three grade levels together as a united cohort. Due to the nature of our school, we felt that having Montessori 3rd graders in-person and not having Elementary 3rd graders in-person creates inequities in the Lincoln 3rd grade experience. We have been granted approval for Elementary 3rd graders to remain in-person. Therefore, all Montessori Lower Elementary classes and Mrs. Wright’s 3rd grade class will be returning in-person with ECE- 2nd grade. 

    • All ECE- 6th grade in-person students will remain in the building until this Friday, October 30th. 

    • Starting on Monday, November 2nd, ECE-3rd in-person students will continue to receive in-person instruction. 

    • All students in grade 4th-6th grade will move to remote instruction effective Monday, November 2nd.
    • This change is in effect until at least Thanksgiving. DPS will continue to monitor health conditions and will update families with an exact return date.

    Virtual Academy students will remain online with their assigned teachers. If there are K-3rd grade families who would prefer to have students learn remotely in the Virtual Academy, please email me at to initiate that change. Once families have enrolled in the Virtual Academy, they are bound to that decision for the remainder of the semester.

    Unfortunately, Discovery Link will not be able to provide remote learning support for 4th-6th grade students like they did earlier in the year. 

    We know that this news and transition is really hard for our 4th-6th grade students and families who just transitioned back to school. Teachers and staff want nothing more than for our children to have as normal of a school experience as possible and we also need to be mindful of the changing health conditions in our community. I implore you to think of the ways that each of us can be leaders in our community to drive down COVID infection rates. We must collectively do our individual parts in order to combat the disease and so that we can bring our students back safely.

    Please continue to reach out with any questions or needs. 

    In gratitude-

    Emily Clark