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    CMAS Dates

    Posted 02/06/2020


    The Colorado Measures of Academic Success (CMAS) Assessments will be taking place in March and April this year. These assessments focus on the knowledge and skills our students need for success in our global economy. The CMAS assessments focus on different content areas depending upon your child’s grade.

    • CMAS Math ♦ Third-Sixth Grades ♦ March 24 – March 26
    • CMAS ELA ♦ Third-Sixth Grades ♦ April 7 – April 9
    • CMAS Science ♦ Fifth Grade ♦ April 14 – April 16

    We ask parents and families to ensure their children get plenty of sleep and a healthy breakfast every day, but especially on assessment days. In addition, we hope this schedule will help you to make doctor or other appointments on non-assessment days.


    All students should be in school on-time, all day and every day, regardless of whether assessments are occurring or not. Students do best when they are in their classroom environment for testing. If they miss a testing session, they will have to make-up the session in an alternate location in the building. Important teaching and learning happens in between testing, so it is imperative that students are here.


    In the event that your child has to miss a test session, they will have to make up the test another time and will be tested during their instructional time. To prevent disruption to your child’s and other students’ learning, please make sure that your child is at school every day and limit their absences to only when they are sick.


    Call us at 720-424-5900 or speak with your child’s teacher.