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    Information about a Potential Teacher Strike – Lincoln School Plan

    Posted 01/24/2019


    January 24, 2019

    Information about a Potential Teacher Strike- Lincoln School Plan

    Lincoln Families-

    As you know, DPS and DCTA (Teachers Union) did not reach agreement in advance of the ProComp Agreement expiration on January 18th and DCTA members have voted to approve a strike. The DCTA bargaining unit serves Teachers and SSPs (specializes service providers including Special Education teachers, Speech, OT/PT therapists, Nurses, and Psychologists).

    Yesterday, the District officially requested intervention from the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment. Until the State responds whether or not they will intervene, teachers are not able to strike and should report to work. If there is a strike, students are to report to school.

    We know that you have many questions about the integrity of the school day if teachers strike. Our first priority is to ensure our students are safe while teachers are out. Paraprofessionals, administrators, and office personnel will report to work. Additionally, DPS central office will be sending substitutes to cover in classrooms with the support of our paraprofessionals.

    At this time our plan is that all students remain in their own classroom and appropriate instruction will be provided to them. A Lincoln paraprofessional will be in each classroom to ensure that students have a familiar person in their room. Primary classrooms will follow their set schedules with supervision by paraprofessionals and substitute teachers.

    Our secretarial staff will continue to provide medical support for students. Our nurse will be out on FMLA leave, but she has secured a licensed nurse to substitute in her place.

    Our daily schedule will be modified so that lunch can start as early as 11:30 for elementary classrooms and allow students additional time outside in lieu of gym. However, arrival and dismissal times remain the same.

    We are happy to answer any questions that you may have.


    Janice Spearman- Principal

    Emily Clark- Administrative Intern