Students expand their creativity and exercise their bodies and minds by participating in a wide selection of specials classes that include art, drama, music, physical education, dance, computer instruction and library use.


Specials At Lincolnstudents in the library

  • Physical Education/Dance – Jennifer Gonzales

  • Art – Andrea Caretto

  • Drama – Janine Donelson

  • Music- Dr. Brown

  • Computers/library


Students in our Traditional Program have 45 minutes of specials daily alternating between P.E., music, and art. Students in our Montessori program follow a block schedule and receive 1.5 hours of specials 3 times a week. All students have 30 minutes of library time and 30 minutes of computer time per week. Additionally, each classroom will have 3 weeks of daily drama instruction during the classroom literacy block at some point during the school year.

In addition to specials, Lincoln has a part time Gifted and Talented (GT) teacher, a full-time special education (SPED) teacher and a part-time English Language Acquisition (ELA) teacher.

After School Classes

students in the LibraryLincoln offers a variety of after-school programs for our students. Watch the Lincoln Ledger for more information about these classes.

  • Computer Coding with Kids
  • Rhythm/Drums
  • Sticky Fingers Cooking
  • Young Rembrants
  • Club Amigos
  • Shakespeare
  • Girl scouts
  • Overtime Athletics
  • Thread Enrichment
  • Girls on the Run


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